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Vietnam Goods Expo and Trade Promotion Forum, Bilateral meetings between Vietnamese and foreign businesses in Countries where the event takes place.

In Greece and Bulgaria, the host country partners have made specific commitments and actions on the establishment and operation of Centers such as Vietnam House, Vietnam Village in Athens and Sofia, to continue promoting promote Vietnamese products and culture, act as a focal point for import and distribution, and step by step remove obstacles in terms of commodity standards, packaging, labels, and consumer tastes of Vietnamese goods in these countries and from here to become the gateway for Vietnamese goods to continue to spread in other countries of the European Union.

Within the framework of activities of trade fairs and trade promotion forums, the business community and Vietnamese expatriates in Europe also participated in large numbers, developing specific plans on establishing distribution channels. distribution of Vietnamese goods, including reaching out to other European Union countries such as France, Germany, UK, Turkey, etc.

The bilateral discussions also attracted major concerns about the possibility and potential of foreign investment in Vietnam in the fields of renewable energy, agricultural and seafood processing, and telecommunications infrastructure, information technology, logistics and transportation systems.

There are Trade Promotion Forums within the framework of Eco Green Vietnam Expo at both countries, Forum in Sofia Bulgaria took place at BCCI headquarters. Both forums attracted a large number of officials from the host country's ministries and agencies, businesses from both countries, with presentations on the investment environment and bilateral cooperation opportunities.


To seek opportunities and promote the export of Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products, processed foods, handicrafts, environmentally friendly products and solutions, to markets. in the event countries, and in the European Union countries.

Support units:

o Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Greece

o Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Bulgaria

o Vietnam Trade Office in Bulgaria - concurrently Greece

o Department of Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

o Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

o Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)

o Vietnam Spirit Company and Vietnam House in Greece

o Rudmetal Co., Ltd. in Bulgaria

o Council of Agricultural Enterprises of Vietnam

o Eco-Fair project – belonging to the European Union

Event scale:

o 28 booths, 12 Vietnamese enterprises directly participate in the fair

o 75 Vietnamese enterprises send goods to participate in the fair

Main outcomes

Agreements on the importation of agricultural products and handicrafts from Vietnam into the markets of Greece, Bulgaria and other countries of the European Union:

- Products of sugarcane powder, freeze-dried pineapple powder

- Raw materials for juice factories, Including Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Berries.

- Fresh bamboo shoots

- Rice

- Processed agricultural products

- Biodegradable plastic bags

- Environmentally friendly products made from bamboo and wood

- Vietnamese handicraft products such as sedge bags, lacquer, stone paintings

- Projects to build Vietnam Village, Vietnam House in Greece, to promote Vietnamese goods and culture Greece, as well as spread to other countries of the European Union Europe.

- Plan to Build Vietnam Logistic and Production Hub in Bulgaria for the EU market.

Discussions on investment promotion opportunities in Vietnam in the following areas:

- Factories processing agricultural products, food

- Development of renewable energy

- Telecommunications infrastructure


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