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Return from the dead to realize the green dream

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The strong desire to replace traditional plastic packaging with eco-friendly biodegradable plastic bags has helped Mrs. Phan Thi Thuy Phuong (Phuong Lan production, trade, import and export of environmentally friendly packaging Co., Ltd.) crossing the line between life and death; At the same time, becoming one of the pioneers in the production and distribution of environmentally friendly plastic bags in Vietnam.

Incubating green aspirations

As an officer with many years working at the Southern Regional Institute of Geosciences and Minerals, specializing in training classes of mine executives and blasting commanders, Mrs. Phuong has many opportunities to research and approach with sources of information on the harmful effects of plastic waste and plastic bags polluting soil layers and groundwater. The sense of and responsibility to protect the living environment gradually instilled in her over the years.

In 2011, when she had the opportunity to learn about the project on environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging, that woman was immediately attracted. She collaborated to research and find ways to bring biodegradable plastic bags to the Vietnamese market. However, due to many difficulties in terms of mechanisms and policies, together with the limited awareness of the people, the enterprise encountered many difficulties and was dissolved.

According to Mrs. Phuong, the journey to bring biodegradable plastic bags and environmentally friendly products into people's lives is a long journey that needs the cooperation of the whole community. In particular, the state plays a very important role in operating, creating policies to encourage and create more favorable conditions for production and business units and people to access information about biodegradable plastic bags by specific regulations such as product certification, training, and training... “Besides those who are willing to support environmental protection, many people have not yet overcome the temptation to benefit. They once shared that they only support environmentally friendly products when the state bans the use of plastic, so the government's decisions are of great significance, determining the success of the campaign. this meaning” – Mrs. Phuong shared.

According to Mrs. Minh Tuyen, representative of Minh Phat Packaging Production Co., Ltd (Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City): Initially, many businesses realized the meaning and importance of green production, ready to accept green production. accept immediate benefits. However, in order to be able to convert the production form to suitable self-destructing packaging, we still hope that the state and local authorities have more specific policies, create favorable conditions and encourage businesses to convert change.

Believing that the hope of gradually changing social awareness about a green and sustainable lifestyle from the smallest actions of Mrs. Phan Thi Thuy Phuong will increasingly attract the attention of many people, genders and industries to build green living habits among mankind.

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