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How It Works

  • Define your Objectives: Start your preparation by setting clear goals for your exhibition and trade fair needs. Determine what you aim to achieve by participating in an exhibition, whether it is brand awareness, generating leads, launching new products/services, or networking. Understanding your goals guides you with all other aspects of your preparation.

  • Contact us to verify which Plan is most suitable to your timing, budget, goals, some prior contact or sample sending to potetial clients may help you to dicide the final approach.

  • Select the right Plan for you.

    All the rest, let our professional team take care for you.

  • Eco Green Vietnam Expo with local support can help you maximize your Business promotion campaign even months before the event. You can introduce your product to targeted, potential buyer in EU in advance, starting you communication, send product sample and finaly meet with your clients there at the event.

    There are much more activities, including your valuable relaxing time in the most attactive turism place of the world, everything you can plan ahead with us.

Popular Participation Tiers


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Tier 6


Tier 5

You're Probably Wondering

  • Why Eco Green Vietnam Expo
    Eco Green Vietnam Expo is a series of International Events including fairs, exhibitions, business forums, promotional activities for environmentally friendly products, processed foods, renewable energy, and Vietnamese handicrafts to large consumer markets around the world. The activities are professionally organized, with extensive and effective connections and support from diplomatic agencies, trade counselors, Vietnamese and international trade promotion organizations, and international business communities.
  • Why 88 TIF
    In this year's organization of the 88th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), the honored country will be the Federal Republic of Germany under the title "made in Germany" occupying more than 6,000 square meters, where exhibits and services of leading domestic entrepreneurship companies will be presented.
  • Can I maximize my participation with limited budget?
    2024 Eco Green Vietnam Expo is specially designed with 8 service packages (tiers), allowing to meet the diverse needs of all individuals, organizations and businesses to participate most effectively in one of the largest trade fair events in Europe this year.
  • How do I have my product and brand promoted?
    There are many effective way to marketing your products and brand from the event: Booth Design: Banner and Posters Online Event promotion thru our Media channels Direct visitor prior contact Selling your product at the Fair Get feedback from potetial clients after the event
  • Can I have extra activities after the Event?
    Yes. In order to optaining the Visa, you should prepare well of your schedule in advance.
  • Is the Event good for me to find supplier from EU to my Import need?
    You come to right place! The 88th TIF is one of the biggest Trade Fair in EU. This year's organization of the TIF will focus on the country's contemporary challenges and critical sectors of the economy that directly impact the daily lives and well-being of citizens, emphasizing new technological means, innovation, and sustainable development. With the dynamic presence of the country's political forces, honoring the Federal Republic of Germany, hosting numerous B2B and B2C events, as well as a plethora of entertainment and cultural events for the general public, the 88th TIF grands its "institutional" appointment with the thousands of visitors who attend it annually.

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